Avocado Smoothie


I just looove this recipe – smoothie tastes amazing, it is very fulfilling and extremely healthy. PLUS, very simple to make. You can play around with the ingredients and make it your own. In this recipe, I use coconut water as a base, but you can substitute it milk, cream or perhaps even a mixture of butter and water (I got your back all you keto fans out there!).

I love the vanilla protein in this smoothie, but of course you can use whichever flavour you like or perhaps leave them out entirely and sweeten the deal with a date or any sweetener of your choice. If using protein, read the ingredients carefully – more often than not, they are filled with substances you do not wish to put in your (healthy) body.

I finish off my smoothie with a little bit of mint, which gives it just a hint of freshness.


More reasons to try the recipe?

It’s a wonderful source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are important for your heart (but only if you don’t consume too much grains or other omega-6 rich foods); it also includes vitamins A,C and K (great for bone health), B9 against fatigue and is a wonderful source of magnesium (helps with muscle and nerve function) and manganese (healthy cartridge).

Plus, did I mention it’s sooo darn tasty?


Ingredients for 1 smoothie:



  • 1 small ripe avocado
  • 25g of spinach
  • 220 ml of coconut water
  • 20g of flaxseed
  • 25g of vanilla protein
  • Fresh mint
  • 20g of cocoa powder (check the sugar content!)



  1. Put avocado, spinach, flaxseed and vanilla protein in a blender and mix well.
  2. Pour half of the mixture in a tall glass.
  3. Add mint and cocoa powder to the remaining mixture in the blender and mix again.
  4. Pour the chocolate half in the glass, decorate with a mint leaf and enjoy your healthy treat!



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