About me

It is our duty that we take care of ourselves. Each and every one of us has something extraordinary to offer to the world and we cannot follow our purpose if we are not in sync with our bodies. I have first realised this during my stay in UK, when health wasn’t really a priority. I started feeling unhappy, stressed out – and that showed on my body too! I gained weight, my skin, hair and nails were all a mess. And I was thinking about food ALL THE TIME! Suddenly I almost couldn’t recognise the person I became – not so much physically, but mentally.

Constant cravings became very exhausting, I did everything “by the book” (eating less, moving more), but still didn’t experience that freedom I was longing for – you know – to be able to pass the local coffee shop and not having the urge to buy a muffin. Or to be able to resist to eat everything that was in front of me.

Can you relate?

So I started searching for the answer. Reading every book, blog and all the studies I could find about health and nutrition. I tested all of the different diets and lifestyles, from vegetarianism and low fat to low carb and keto and learned a lot about my body through these experiments.

After several years of following the ancestral way of living, I decided that I would love to share what I know now with others, with similar problems:


…not being at their ideal weight.


…constantly thinking about food.


…not having enough energy through the day, quickly feeling tired


…finding themselves feeling unhappy with their lives



I have completed my studies at the Primal Health Coach Institute and am now a Certified Primal Health Coach.

I believe that aspiring to live a primal lifestyle together with understanding and learning how to manage our minds and cravings is the simplest, most effective way to live a full, happy life.

Let me help you! Apply for free consultation, where we can figure out how to create your best version of yourself – physically and mentally!