October is here and that means waving goodbye to sunny days and preparing ourselves for cold days. Hot tea and a blanket become our best friends. Since there isn’t enough of sunshine anymore, this means that we can quickly become deficient in one of the most essential vitamins in our body.

Living healthy became SUPER COMPLICATED. There are so many different guidelines, so many different styles, so many different rules. That is why so many of us are wondering – rightfully so – ask – is what I’m doing REALLY? healthy? Is this TRULY good for me?

When we decide to improve our diet, we often imagine ourselves cheerfully cooking, and enjoying fresh, healthy food that we have prepared for ourselves and our loved ones.  The problem is that often these ideas also remain in our heads, IF we’re not smart about it.

What is the one thing that stands in your way between you and your ideal weight? Learn about it in the following article. 

Second part is all about exercise. How, when & how much? Read all about it in the following article.

I’m a Primal Health Coach and I promote Primal lifestyle – but I can imagine many of you now will scratch your heads and give me a funny look – “What the heck does Primal mean?!”

It is becoming increasingly clearer that health begins in our gut. In the past few years, many studies have link unbalanced intestinal flora to being overweight, chronic inflammatory bowel disease  and depression.

We’ve all heard that saying “Everything in moderation”. It’s not necessary to completely give up our favourite (usually unhealthy) food, occasional slip ups never hurt anyone.

Anyone else here thinks, that there is just too much information about food and diet recommendations?