Privacy Policy

APUS AMBROSIA, d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) undertakes that the information you provide through the website or by any other means will not sell, lend or otherwise transmit to third parties by any other means.

All data will be treated confidentially and will be used for internal records and for the purpose for which they were transmitted only. Your information will be carefully protected against loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

By using the website as a user, you acknowledge that you accept and consent to the full content of this privacy policy, unless additional forms of consent are required for individual cases. This privacy policy may be modified or updated at any time without notice or notice. By using this site after the amendment or supplement, the user acknowledges that he/she agrees with the amendments and supplements.

Processing personal data (information that identifies you as an individual):

For operational purposes, the operator collects the following user data:

  • name and surname;
  • e-mail address for receiving e-news;
  • customer information (date of the order and date of conclusion of the contract, information on the payment of ordered products, e-mail address for receiving invoices and name and surname or company name, address and tax number of the client);
  • password in encrypted form (in case of registration of a user profile);
  • time and date of using the user account;
  • time and date of receipt of e-news;
  • communication archive;
  • other personal data voluntarily provided by the buyer or holder of the user account.

By registering and / or by submitting a contract on a website, you explicitly agree that the company may obtain personal data (name, surname, address, e-mail address and any other information that you have provided to the operator for the purpose of fulfilling the contract – voluntarily provided by the buyer) , except for the purposes of negotiating the conclusion of a contract or for the fulfillment of a contract – a contract shall also be used for profiling (creating a user account for the time up to the removal, and at the same time, if desired, membership of the club) and segmentation. In this way, we can simplify your orders in the future, and we also send you your personalised offer.

All data will be treated confidentially and will be used only for internal records and for the purpose for which they were transmitted. Your information will be carefully protected against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

When visiting a site, some data (IP address, date, time, page address from which you are coming) are saved to the server. These data are anonymous and are used only for statistical processing.

Customer rights

As a user of a website (a subscriber who is a natural person), you are informed that you can always request the following information from us:

  • verification, if the collected personal data is processed  or not and provide himHer with an insight into the personal data contained in the personal data collection and relating to him/her, and their copying;
  • access to the catalogue of the personal data or the processing of personal data;
  • forwarding the personal data that are contained in the personal data database and refer to the user;
  • providing a list of users to whom personal data has been transmitted, when, on what basis and for what purpose;
  • providing information of the sources on which the records are based on the individual’s personal data database and the processing method;
  • providing information on the purpose of the processing and the nature of the personal data being processed and any necessary explanations in this regard;
  • explanation of technical or logical-technical decision-making procedures, if automated decision-making by processing personal data of an individual is carried out.

The user of the website is aware of the fact that every individual is in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act and the General Regulation GDPR and with his/her rights, as follows:

To limit the processing, when one of the following cases applies:

  • subject disputes the accuracy of the data, for a period allowing the controller to verify the accuracy of personal data;
  • the processing is unlawful and the data subject opposes the removal of personal data and instead requires a restriction on their use;
  • the data controller no longer needs the data for the purposes of processing, but is required by the data subject to enforce or defend legal claims;
  • the data subject has lodged an objection concerning the processing until the legitimate reasons for the controller prevail over the reasons for the individual to whom the data relate are verified.

To the correction of personal data (the company is obliged to correct the inaccurate personal data of the client, and the client (having regard to the purposes of the processing), the right to complete the incomplete personal data, including the submission of a supplementary declaration),

To the removal od personal data – if he/she no longer wishes their personal data to be processed and provided that there are no legitimate reasons for their further safekeeping, processing, the user may request that their data be deleted without undue delay, namely when one of the following reasons (except for legal exceptions) applies:

  • personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
  • the individual withdraws the consent on the basis of which the processing takes place and when there is no other legal basis for processing;
  • an individual may object to the processing, provided there are no overriding legitimate reasons for the processing, or an individual may object to the processing at any time when the personal data is processed for the purposes of direct marketing
  • personal data have been processed illegally;
  • personal data must be deleted for the fulfillment of a legal obligation in accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • personal data were collected in relation to a specific offer of the company.

To know how long personal data is stored;

To have the right to appeal;

To transferring personal data (applies only to personal data that are treated automatically)

These rights do not relieve you from the obligations you have under the General Terms or have a contract with the company concluded with you.

In order to prevent unauthorised access to the information obtained or disclosure, to maintain the accuracy of personal data and to ensure their proper use, we use appropriate technical and organisational procedures for securing the data we collect.


What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are saved to a user’s device when a user visits the site when they visit a site. Upon re-visiting the site, the provider can access the data on the user’s device, which was collected using cookies. Cookies allow our website to identify if a user has already visited the site, and with advanced applications, they can adjust their individual settings accordingly. Their storage is under the complete control of a browser that is used by the user – which can save or disable cookie storage as desired.

Why are cookies needed?

Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly web services; the most common e-commerce functions would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, and browsing the web pages makes it more effective and enjoyable. They are used to store information about the status of a particular website, assist in the implementation of online services, and collect user statistics and site visits, about the habits of a web user, etc. With the help of cookies, we can therefore evaluate the effectiveness of our website’s design.

Different types of cookies and their usage on our website

Session cookies =  cookies are operating from the moment you open your browser until you close the session and close the browser. They are removed from your computer when you close your browser. They use the web site to store temporary information, such as shopping cart items, and with their properties also help to improve the performance and usability of our website.

Persistent cookies = remain stored even when you close the browser and end the session . The website uses them, e.g. to store registration information, as well as to build user profiles and analyse traffic. Permanent cookies can remain in your computer for approx. 6 months.

Google Analytics = used to collect information about how visitors use our site, where visitors came to our site, the number of visitors and the websites they visited. This information, collected in anonymous form, helps us improve the user’s perspective on the website. Some are used only for the duration of the session and are deleted immediately after termination, while others are retained for up to 2 years, as follows from the table below. If you do not want this tracking, click on

Social media plug-in = social networks allow websites to integrate into their content their products – so users can share content with their friends (different buttons like I like, share content, recommend …). Plug-ins use cookies so that social networks can identify their members when they come to the plug-in site.

Google Analytics
Cookie Expiration time Purpose
_utma 2 years Google Analytics Record a distinction between users and sessions.
_utmb 30 minutes Google Analytics Logs a new session or new user
__utmc Session Google Analytics Record the duration of the visit.
__utmt 10 minutes Statistics of views
_utmz 6 months Google Analytics Določa vir prometa ali oglaševalsko akcijo.
_ga 2 years Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users.
_gat 10 minutes Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate.
_gid 24 hours Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users.
_gat_newTracker Used to analyse the traffic.

Cookies we use on our website do not collect your personal information that could personally identify you and can not damage your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Cookies allow us to operate our site and help us understand which information is most useful for visitors. Because there are certain links in the site to other non-affiliate websites, it does not assume any responsibility for data protection on these websites.

Managing and deletion of cookies

To change the way cookies are used in a browser (including blocking or deleting) , you can do this by changing the browser settings accordingly. To manage cookies, the browser allows you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only a specific type of cookie, or warn you that the page wants to store a cookie. You can also easily delete the cookies your browser has stored. If you change or delete your browser’s cookie file, change or reward your browser or device, you may need to disable cookies again.


With the use of this site, you agree that this site sets cookies on your computer or mobile device.