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Subscribe to the e-newsletter through the form that appears when you arrive at the page and later on the right edge. In the empty box type your name and e-mail address and click the “Subscribe!” Button. By doing so, you have gained access to news and offers that you will be receiving by e-mail. By subscribing to e-news, the user agrees to receive weekly news, healthy cooking recipes, tips on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, various benefits and offers from INTUITION ON A PLATE by the special selection click on the empty box. Personal data entered by the user in the e-Newsletter application form is processed and protected in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act and kept until the cancellation, unsubscribe to e-news from the user.

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What will I use your e-mail for:

  • sending e-mails regarding the offer of APUS AMBROSIA, LLC (hereinafter “the Company”), which include advice on healthy living and nutrition, healthy cooking recipes, tips on nutrition and healthy life, videos, links to useful information from other sites and offers;
  • data processing for the purpose of improving the content of e-news;
  • sending e-mails related to the payment of company services and sending e-invoices;
  • checking whether a particular email address is for a new or existing customer;
  • retention of the email address in the database until canceled;
  • sending an email to one or more contracted processors that provide e-mail services;
  • sending an email to third parties if the company is subject to such mediation by law or judicial or other order;
  • combining the e-mail address with other data obtained from the e-mail address holder (e.g., but not exclusively, the IP address with which the holder has accessed the company’s services – name and surname and address of the holder, order data, content of communication by e-mail, payment information, data on possible recovery, information on court proceedings);
  • monitoring and recording the delivery of sent emails (or received by the proprietor);
  • monitoring and recording of the contents of which the e-mail account holder has opened or read (monitoring clicks on web links contained in emails);
  • if necessary, the indication of the e-mail address and the content of the communication by e-mail as evidence in judicial or other official procedures, to investigate security incidents and to detect and investigate criminal offenses;
  • statistical and other analyses (for example, but not exclusively, the number of holders using e-mail services of a particular email service provider);
  • processing for purposes other than those referred to in the preceding indents, if such processing is compatible with the purpose for which the e-mail address was originally collected;
  • processing for purposes other than those referred to in the preceding subparagraphs where such processing is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by the undertaking or a third party if those interests prevail over the interests of the holder of the e-mail address.

Data Retention Period

Personal information (name, surname, e-mail address, IP address) is carefully stored in our e-newsletter database that is stored on the computer under a secure password.

Deadline for storing personal information of our e-newsletter recipients:

  • personal information of the recipients reading e-news are kept until the news are being read or until they unsubscribe;
  • the personal data of the recipients who unsubscribe are kept safe for 1 year after unsubscription;
  • the personal information of the recipients requesting deletion from the receipt of e-news will be deleted within 5 days of the request;
  • The recipients’ personal information about the requests of the recipients (e.g., change of e-mail, name and surname, request for deletion – metadata) stored in the audit trail, are kept for 2 years after the deletion


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After the final user confirmation is given, we will delete all user data from the list of e-news recipients.